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1. The Hope of God  7

2.  Hope - a divine force  21

3.  Changing your vision  37

4.  Hopelessness  51

5.  Losing your hope  65

6.  Turning around by divine hope  77  

7.  Abounding in hope  95

8.  Developing a vision of victory 105

Scripture references 113


The Bible shows the difference between the earth and the world. The earth is the planet we live on. The world, when used in the Bible, is a system that is controlled by Satan. He has taken divine hope, which is a gift from God, and turned it into human hope. Divine hope is a complete expectation that God is going to meet the need or cause something to take place. Human hope is only wishing that something will happen. Divine hope becomes the blueprint from which your divine faith is to work. This type of hope is placed by the Lord in the spirit of the person, whereas human hope is only in the mind.

God shows no partiality (Acts 10:34), because He honors divine faith. Every one of us who has accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior has been given a measure of divine faith, see Romans 12:3 and Ephesians 2:8. When you study the Scriptures, God causes divine hope to grow in your spirit to allow your divine faith to receive the answers to your prayers.

Mark 4:28 The earth yields crops by itself: FIRST the blade, THEN the head, AFTER THAT the full grain in the head.

You must realize that there are several levels of faith. Faith is progressive. God increases your faith in the same manner as is seen in the above verse. First the blade is visible. Before it became visible the root system had to start. As your faith is grounded more in the promises of God you will see a greater amount of faith available. You are able to believe that God can accomplish greater things in your life. 

It is possible to become discouraged when you do not receive something you are praying for, if it is BEYOND YOUR LEVEL OF FAITH. You might be tempted to tell your friends that these faith teachings do not work. The problem could be that you are praying for something, and your level of faith for THAT ITEM is insufficient. One time the disciples came to Jesus to ask Him to increase their faith. They wanted to get to a higher level of faith, see Luke 17:5.

You can increase your faith by: 

      1. Studying your Bible more

      2. Believing what you read

      3. Understanding what you believe, see Isaiah 6:9, Matthew 13:14, 19, Mark 4:12

      4. Acting upon what you believe.

As food is eaten on a daily basis to maintain your strength, so must the study of the Word be done on a daily basis to RETAIN your DIVINE FAITH.


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Jesus tells us in Matthew 10:8 "Freely you have received, freely give." 
We freely give you permission to make photocopies of this material for distribution.